‘Cemetery Ridge” depicts horrors of the Civil War

09 Apr

April 12 marks the beginning of the Civil War 147 years ago. Join Kirby McCord of Palestine for a lively discussion about his new historical novel, Cemetery Ridge on April 12, 1:30 p.m., at the Palestine Public Library.

There’s nothing imaginary about the Civil War. Even today the memories are with us; in histories, documentaries, and family legends. The carnage was too appalling, the animosity too dreadful to escape our modern memory. Yet how can we, living in the 21st century, connect with that past? How can we begin to know the horrendous strife of 150 years ago?

Cemetery Ridge (2012, BeWrite Press) is a new novel about the period that offers us the chance to relive the bitter past as a front-row participant. Local author Kirby McCord combines the classic tale of the quest with the realism of Crane’s Red Badge of Courage in his new novel. Cemetery’s historical representation is far more realistic and accurate than romantic Civil War novels such as Gone with the Wind.

The story opens in the midst of battle at Gettysburg, where we learn that Cemetery Ridge is a fateful landmark that portends the beginning of the end for Lee’s forces. Meanwhile, in Gainesville, Texas, suspicion and fear turn neighbor against neighbor. Just as Texan Travis Anderson is beginning his mission for Sam Houston, he escapes Gainesville’s angry mob into Indian Territory, where more danger and violence await.  That danger seems to pursue him on his cross-country odyssey, whether in the hills of Indian Territory, the plains of Kansas, the caves of Kentucky, or the highways of Ohio. The pages turn quickly as the reader wonders if Travis can accomplish his mission.

Historical novels are enjoyable way to experience the past first-hand, if the author has done his homework. With painstaking descriptions of events, setting, weaponry, and even animal behavior, Cemetery Ridge is a jewel of historical accuracy and a rare delicacy for Civil War enthusiasts.

April has been named Civil War history month in some states, as its beginning and end occurred in April, and now, locals can join in commemorating the event.

Join Kirby McCord for a book talk and discussion about the Civil War at the Palestine Public Library on Thursday, April 12, at 1:30 p.m. Copies of the book will be available for sale. Copies of the eBook can be downloaded from or

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